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maanantai 28. syyskuuta 2009

Ostetaan osia

tarviin jalkakytkimen, joko orkkis tai itsari, ei väliä.
18" vannekehät, lev.2,15" tai 2,5".
knuckle/pannu norsunkorvasatula ja t-bar (pogostick löytyy jo)
yksilaippanen napa ratasjarrulle tai adapteri tähtinavalle.


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keskiviikko 16. syyskuuta 2009

A few pics from summer 2009

Our friend Antti Karpakka shot these while we were visiting him in Savonlinna in July. Thanks for everything Antti!

Hardcore PunkRock in your face biaaaatch!

HGC support these kickass shows.

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Iphone photoissue

Randomness from my phone

-- Posted from my iPhone

Rainy days

Its getting pretty wet here in the evenings. Despite that we went for alittle evening ride with joona and juuso. Juuso has a 2007 speedmaster that apparently doesnt like rain. we had to stop after every 10km. And it was dark and cold and wet. It was a loooong ride home.


tiistai 1. syyskuuta 2009

Norton for sale...maybe

I might have to sell my Norton project because I have way too many projects and not enough money.
It´s 750cc Norton Commando on a heavily modified Dominator frame.
All the crucial welds by master welder Jamppe.
Narrow mustang tank.
Lotsa handmade parts.
will come with a sporty front end.
Paint by Painter Jude.
The engine runs fucking great.
There´s all the parts to make it complete plus some extra.
Chain primary- and belt primary systems available.
Swedish papers. Was running and registered in Sweden when I bought it.
If you want to buy her registered in Finland it´ll cost more...
If I sell it, it won´t be cheap.
If you´re interested email me krissebtbc(a)

Home Grown Choppers...homegrownproblems

Miko sent some more pics (non modified), thanks bro.
Make sure you check out his magazine/photo book Redrum when it´s out.
Hope soon...