sunnuntai 26. helmikuuta 2012

HomeGrown Africa Night

Saturday 3.3.2012 we'll have our first African night at the Youthhouse a.k.a "Cultural melting pot".

The rhytm is gonna blow the roof off.
This guy is gonna be there with he's Diambaar Band almost straight from Senegal.
DJ Tixa warms the place up with he's spacehat.

Don't believe it? Come check it out!


maanantai 20. helmikuuta 2012

Set in Stone Helsinki part

One of the nicest things going in Helsinki Skatescene right now (theres about 1 meter of now outside so not right now, but you know what i mean) is the DIY concrete park at Suvilahti Harbour area. Kingpin has made some videos of diy parks around Europe and heres the Helsinki version.

check the video HERE


keskiviikko 15. helmikuuta 2012

Strait Line Bushings

Theyr now in stock trhu the HomeGrown Choppers weboutique next to taxi station.


perjantai 10. helmikuuta 2012

Death of the Dragonfly?

Billy Friidom´s Dragonfly flyed right under the tree, will it be flying next summer ? Or start it´s methamorphose from the begin...ya all know it was first a bus ?


keskiviikko 8. helmikuuta 2012

Oilplug from a spark blug

This got a bit out of hand but heres a tip for you if you just fucked the screws out from your oilblug and the bike happens to be a dyna or anykind of harley and you you cant find a big enough of a bolt and you only have a 14mm v-coil with a 1,25 screw (thats the one they put in lot of the sparkblugs).
So first put the sparkblug in the lathe and turn the screw bit of the blug out

Then find a bolt you wanna use as a base and turn it so that it fits inside sparkblugs screw.

After that you just weld them together and cut it if its too long.


Riverside Hobos 5 yrs.

Parties commin up !

tiistai 7. helmikuuta 2012

Diggers rear end on paper

Trying to schetch on paper witch way to go with digger´s rear end.
Hope to get it even close to this :)


Yobot !

Painted this robot for soon opening Yobot, frozen yougurt bar.


Graff shop wall

Did a small artwall at local graffiti shop called Geezers, theres couple paintings and my old tank.
Crappy phone pic.


lauantai 4. helmikuuta 2012

Last night

Went smoothly.Me,Tarmo and my Uncle drove the sidecar Ural to the photo exhibition. Made it there easily with summer tyres.
-20celsius weather is no problem for those russian stallions.

The exhibition opening went fine too.lots of good people and good photos.


This night

Tonight at the road weirdos Culturehouse! Boogie yoself there and hear the hobos do their thing with them instruments!


perjantai 3. helmikuuta 2012

Digger comin along

Small update of my Digger build.

Rear end is now straight

, oiltank is ready , just need some polishin and gonna try some wicked shit with it. Started to make the panels with Flink who has made some spacers and gas cap. Lights holder is also ready.

torstai 2. helmikuuta 2012


Started the atrsy fartsy weekend this night at youthouse.Roni got hes motor and tranny on.
And yes its damn cold and early to start the hype but you know how warm its gonna be in Joutsa!?