keskiviikko 17. elokuuta 2011

Under the knife

Put the Silent Dutchman under the knife today.some burnt exhaust valves and some small detail on the pistons.hopefully ill get it running in a couple of weeks.


sunnuntai 14. elokuuta 2011

Wild in the parks!

Volcom Wild in the park Comp was at Helsinki yesterday.I was one of the judges and after the sesh we have the extra spexial board to this little fellow.He ripped the whole day at the park and was super stoked to get the board. I bet he's riding it already!


keskiviikko 10. elokuuta 2011

Fun with markers.

We decided to make some x-tra special price for Volcom´s skate in the park happening at next weekend,
Got the board from Sakke and i went to Geezers to buy some paint and markers,
Hit the pipe and started to paint and draw, we thougt that it would be nice to give some support for Kapten Mogade cos they are allso doing some shit were involved, after couple of hours result looks like this. Flink is one of the judges at competion and were going to give this board to some radical youngster.


tiistai 9. elokuuta 2011

Hämeenlinna Connection

Last weekend we cruised over to Hämeenlinna to check out the HML Connection.
Got busy at the shop in the evening with some freshly smoked fish, sausages and some really nice potatoes!
Its always a blast to hang at theyr spot.Everything is right where it should be...
Tarmo wanted to know how it feels to do some work in there.



Silent Dutchman is in town.


perjantai 5. elokuuta 2011