torstai 15. huhtikuuta 2010

Xs madness

Spring is here. Its sunny on the dusty streets of helsinki. But our bikes are feeling some winter blues, or maybe its us?! Go figure. We all got some sorts of things to figure out.

Don't get wrong. Jude was out riding today his xs( minor throttle problems, nothing too serious i think) and huli was all over the town with hes beetlebike.

Heres my it running today but not in a rideable way. Exhaust sounded super bad with those freaky ends.gotta do something for seriously sounded like there were ten guys hitting a bong behind my back.

Jude did some more rattlecan miracles for Jaris bike. Another homegrown Xs thats gonna ve super nice! We've got four of these hitting the streets this summer

-- Flink

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