lauantai 29. toukokuuta 2010


My kids at Petrol Circus


keskiviikko 26. toukokuuta 2010

Homegrown problems part 13


Nyt ois aika kiire taas! Löytyykö keltään jännitteensäädintä jytäriin? Vuosimallia 72 tai samanlainen. Mieluiten toimiva.
Viikko aikaa norrtäljeen ja hoppu tulee... Soittele 050 5894696 jos löytyy

-- Flink

perjantai 21. toukokuuta 2010

Remember this!

And ofcourse the Petrol Circus show this weekend. Party party sano espanjalainen.hä?
-- Flink

sunnuntai 16. toukokuuta 2010

Ikis xs

Iki made lots of progress this weekend with hes Xs.that Tank looks great with those other bits and hopefulky he'll get he running before the Norrtälje show.

Today The guys from GreyMarket had an 2 year birthday party with Adidas skateboards. They had some bbg food and lot of folks showed up. Thanks boys. Liked the sausages.

-- Flink

lauantai 15. toukokuuta 2010

Summer summer summer

The weather in Finland has been really really good the couple days so everyone at the clubhouse has a bit of a hurry to get their rides going.
Its only three weeks Norrtälje show so took a look whats happening with the support van. Little bit of dis n dat and ill think were gonna get it rollin tru norrtälje like it was spring break at Lake Havasu on 1969!!

I got some things fixed on my bike so i left for test cruise to our summer cabin. Made it there with no problems but on the way back i noticed that i cant ride with lights on. Some electrical stuff. Battery wont charge. Other than that it was a good ride. Its so warm here now that it feels like youd be drivin' in some where near the Mediterranean sea. Pretty cool i must say. Propably wont last very ling though.

-- Flink

torstai 6. toukokuuta 2010

Vintage shirts

Nice vintage logo shirts from UK.

Bates and other cool stuff too.

-- Flink

maanantai 3. toukokuuta 2010

Artsy fartsy

Jude was high on inspiration last night. Krisses new build is gonna have some very nice homegrown paintjobs.

And Joona started hes yerly spring cleaning on hes Kawa.

And while i was at the clubhouse my son painted three of hes rides. Nice colours i must say!!

-- Flink

lauantai 1. toukokuuta 2010

Krooked bitch, krooked

One of the best skate graphics. Get it straight, ride krooked

-- Flink