lauantai 15. toukokuuta 2010

Summer summer summer

The weather in Finland has been really really good the couple days so everyone at the clubhouse has a bit of a hurry to get their rides going.
Its only three weeks Norrtälje show so took a look whats happening with the support van. Little bit of dis n dat and ill think were gonna get it rollin tru norrtälje like it was spring break at Lake Havasu on 1969!!

I got some things fixed on my bike so i left for test cruise to our summer cabin. Made it there with no problems but on the way back i noticed that i cant ride with lights on. Some electrical stuff. Battery wont charge. Other than that it was a good ride. Its so warm here now that it feels like youd be drivin' in some where near the Mediterranean sea. Pretty cool i must say. Propably wont last very ling though.

-- Flink

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