tiistai 22. kesäkuuta 2010

Hipster shit

This is a finnish free mag that is apparently really hot shit amongst all the downtown hipsters.
They've got this as theyr new cover. Deus ex machina shirt and the srory is a about hot finnish styles right now. Well, correct me if im wrong but nobody in Finland sells Deus clothes or motorcycles. I think even they dont have qlue what theyr talkin about!!

Oh yeah, longboards are realllyy fuckin cool in downtown Helsinki right now! I saw two lesbians riding the same board this morning. And that my friends, is gay!!
Im moving to Siperia soon.

-- Flink

1 kommentti:

  1. Lesbians on skateboard ?
    Bears shittin in toilets nowadays?
    Maybe the Finland´s football team will survive to wordcup someday !!!