maanantai 15. marraskuuta 2010

Trying tattooing

Here´s the first try to do some ink under the skin, did this in my friends tattoo studio in Lahti called Otherside tattoo. Tony helped me to get the setups ready and helpped a LOT in the beginnin but after the first cigarette break my hands stopped shakin and i was finding the flow to do that stuff. I´m happy how the pic came out.
Now just have to wait until it´s healed and check the final result, to be continued for sure, just have no idea how much all the gray ink will shade.
Can`t wait to do another !


Pics by: Tony Raita

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  1. Hyvä Jude! Joka toinen nykyään on tai haluu olla tatuoija, vaik suurin osa ei edes ansaitsis olla tatuoitu, mut sun todellakin pitäis olla näissä hommissa. Ei muuta ku vitusti koekaniineja Master Painterille,
    Respect brotha! T: koko Legacy posse