torstai 23. joulukuuta 2010

SF Vintage Cycles

Went to check out the San Francisco Vintage Cycles shop today and met one of the owners ( i think). He's called Chris, a really nice dude.We had a little talk and checked out the places and i bought a helmet. Chris told me they started the thing 'cause it was hard to find jobs around Bay area.They restore and build mostly old British bikes but i think i saw one Yamaha there as well. If youre in the area go say hi.
Im on a family vacation so we didnt have that much time to shoot the shit and take pictures but you get the idea.
They've got a website HERE

And couple of days earlier i drove down to San Jose to skate with my friend Louie.
He took me to Harrys HofBrau to eat some Turkey.Which was nice.


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