lauantai 22. lokakuuta 2011

Billys dragonfly

As the Autumn leaves started to turn yellow and the cold and moist seawind started to push Mr. Captain Chaos deeper into the mainland, the Dragonfly felt the needs of our Captain. Captain needed to get out of town.Helsinki had the wrong kind of winds.
Dragonfly felt a bit unsure because Captain had not been in the needs of her services for the whole summer. But now,the wind behind him he was ready to go.Somewhere further away from the coast.
In the process of getting on the road Captain thought its gonna be just another routine ride,get some gas and you're on the way. But Dragonfly had different agendas.

As the Captain was getting closer Dragonfly used all its powers to lure the Captain into some oily spots of the yard.Then she let the Captain think that everything was cool and started without any problems.Captain hopped on screamin' for some open road air put the oily boot to the clutch and slammed the first gear.Right that time the Dragonfly decided to teach our Captain a little lesson about Suicide clutches.
The inland highways and the open road air turned into painful bushes and tree branches as the Dragonfly flew trough the yard into some trees.Captain flew some more and found himself somewhere else than on top of the Dragonfly and decided not to take the dragonfly anywhere near the inlands this year.
If there is one thing that Dragonfly knows about motorcycles its that a oily boot and suicide clutch dont really mix well together.


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